For 3–11 year olds

Kids Saturday/ Lasten lauantai

Autumn season 2022

  • Early season courses 27.8.-15.10. (8 x)
  • Late season courses 29.10.-17.12. (8 x)

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Saturday is the kids own dance day!

Miniature street attitude, fast going and little tricks- Saturday is the kids own dance day!

We offer varied dance lessons for children of all ages. We also have a group of children of performing and competing , Hip Hop House Kidz!


Early spring courses 27.8.-15.10. (8 x)

  • 30 min course: 64 €
  • 45 min course: 91 €
  • 55 min course: 118 €

Late spring couses 29.10.-17.12. (8 x)

  • 30 min course: 64
  • 45 min course: 91 €
  • 55 min course: 118 €

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Timetable, Kids Saturday / Lasten lauantai

Early spring course is full
Early spring and Late courses are full
3–4-years old, 30 min.
10.45 Hip Hop Marissa
5–6-years old, 45 min.
11.15 Hip Hop Marissa
12.15 Show Dance Iina
7–8-years old, 45 min.
11.00 Hip Hop Tinja
12.15 Show Dance Iina
9–11-years old, 55 min.
12.00 Hip Hop alkeet Tinja
13.00 Hip Hop jatko Tinja
13.00 Commercial Dance alkeet Iina

Class descriptions

Hip Hop

Street attitude in miniature! Children´s hip hop lessons teach the basics of dancing to the beat of today hitmusic!

3–4-years old

The most important areas in the teaching of small hip hopers are the provision of different experiences and the strengthening of basic skills. Body parts, levels, directions, rhythms and movement dynamics as well as basic motor skills are always the subjects of instruction in children´s dance lessons.

The aim of the lesson is that the child understands the basic elements of hip hop, learns in group activities with friends and under the quidance of a teacher, without parents. Of course not forgetting having fun!

You can join the class at anytime through. The lesson lasts 30 minutes.

5–6-years old

During the lessons of 5-6 years olds, various dance and movement exercises are performed without forgetting playfullness. The lessons practise listening to and understanding music and rhythm. The 5-6 year olds already learn to produce their own movement and also practise simple choreographies. The lesson lasts 45 minutes .

7–8-years old

For 7-8 year olds regular warm-ups and stretching and muscle strengthening are performed regularly, the lessons already teach slightly longer and more challenging choreographies and do pair work.The lesson for this age group also pays attention to performing and practising the attitude required by hip hop. 7-8-year old children´s classes should be attended fairly regularly. The lesson lasts 45 minutes .

9–11-years old

Street attitude from an early age! Hip hop lessons dance to the beat of today´s hit music. Various technique exercises delevop rhytm, motor skills and the relaxed way of moving characteristic of hip hop. During the learning of choreography, one also practises to move and perform boldly! The lesson lasts 55 minutes .

Show Dance

The children´s Show Dance classes feature fast-paced and varied music and choreographies focusing on styrytelling and performance. Various exercises develop the child´s rhythm, motoric skills and listen to music.

The lessons develop not only the sense of rhythm and body perception, also the courage to move and experess themselves throught dance.

5–6- years old

Show dance classes for 5-6 year olds starts to get knowing slowly to work in a dance class.The class includes dance rehearsals, and the dance skills of the little dancers are still largely developed under the quise of play. During the season, the group will also practise various fun choreographies, as well as learn body control and performance. The lesson lasts 45 minutes.

7–8- years old

Show Dance for 7-8 year olds is already clearly a dance class that starts with a warm-up, progresses throug stretching to varios dance rehearsals and eventually choreography. At this age , working in a group and with a couple becomes stronger and body management becomes more familiar. The class also practices expression and the cougage to perform, as well as of course having fun! The lesson lasts 45 minutes.

Commercial Dance

9–11- years old

Today´s hit and children´s favorite artists play in Children´s Comemmercial Dance Classes. The choreographies are fast-paced and spectacular!

With various exercises develop the child´s rhythm, motor skills and listening to music. The lessons develop not only a sense of rhythm and body perception, but also the courage to move and express oneself through music. The class starts with warm-up, progresses stretching to various dance rehearsals and eventually choreography. The class also practices expression and the cougage to perform, as well as of course having fun! The lesson lasts 55 minutes.


Cancellation policy

Registration can be cancelled free of charge within 14 days of registration. Please notify us by email if you cancel you course. Failure to pay the invoice is not sufficient for cancellation.

Deviating teaching days

Autumn vacation 22.10. no scheduled lessons.

Sick leave

For every eight times the course, we will reimburse the doctor´s certificate for times that exceed one sick leave, i.e. the client is left on deductible at a time. If you attend both early- and late spring courses, we therefore reimburse a total of two times in excess of sick leave.

The amount corrensponding to the unused times can be left in your Hip Hop House account and deducted from the next seasons course fee.

Hip Hop House Kidz

On the Kidz takes all the pleasure out of dancing! Although the group ia already practicing to a degree with more determination, the most important thing in the group is team spirit, fun and experiences of success.

This coming autumn, The Kidz will focus on training, filming and performing dance videos.

Performing group

Hip Hop House

Check the Kidz out >>