Spring season 2023

  • Early season courses 9.1.-12.3. (8 x) 120 €
  • Late season courses 13.3.-8.5. (8 x) 120 €

You can also choose both courses and ensure your place on the course!

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Are you having a birthday party or bachelor/bacherolette party?

At our studio, you can organize a birthday party with a dance theme or bachelor/bachelorette party dance class with our teachers. We also rent our facilities for private training sessions and events. Contact studio@hiphophouse.fi for more information.

Timetable, spring 2023

17.45 Street Dance avoin Tinja
18.45 Commercial Dance Choreo Sara
19.45 Hip Hop alkeet Marko
17.00 Commercial Dance alkeet Julia
18.00 Hip Hop with Augusto jatko Augusto
19.00 Hip Hop with Augusto edistyneet Augusto
19.15 Hot Heels Pirita
18.15 Street Dance Absolute Beginners Tinja
19.15 Street Dance alkeet Tinja

Class descriptions

Street Dance

Street dance is full of the diamond attitude of street dancing. Street Dance classes focus on training the basic movements of hip hop and in the development of specific relaxation. In addition to these, classes are practised including dancing at different levels, exploiting variations in dynamics, body control and dancer´s own dancing and own creativity.

Commercial Dance

Have you ever dreamed of dancing as a background dancer for artists in large arenas? This dance class is for you! Commercial Dance is a commercial dance style as like in music videos!

The lessons use techniques from many different dance styles, and focusing on making choreographies. In addition to the performance and the attitude and emotion required in each piece of music.

The best pophits are used as a music in class!


Heels lessons are danced in the high heels on the foot. In the course you practise walking and dancing with high heels and the expression and attitude characteristic of this commercial dance style.

Heels-lessons are choreographically diverse. This course focuses on the acquisition of the language of the sensual movement and on the late season the the second course moves in to busier dance series.

There is some training in the class as well as floorwork, so knee pads should be brought to class.

For the lessons we recomended high heels, which are most of all comfortable on the foot and fit your own level. There is no platform for the best heels, the heel is stiletto and the shoe offers a good (adjustable) support for the ankle.

Heels is an open level lesson, which is recomended for those who have already danced to some extent.

Heels-lessons are good support for example commercial -and twerk-lessons.

Absolute Beginners -courses

Would you like to start a dancing hobby? If you have no previous dancing experience, the best level for the beginners with ´”zero expertize” is aimed at Absolute Beginners. These dancing lessons are for the beginners and do not require previous dancing experience. Absolute Beginners -lesson is priming lesson, there you will learn basic principles of a dancing lesson in complete peace and the skills required in the lessons for each dancing style.

After Absolute Beginners -course you can carry on to the next level for the basics-level.

Absolute Beginners

Street Styles -lessons
for the beginners

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