Autumn 2023

Youth Classes

For 12–15-year olds

Autumn season 2023

  • Early season courses 21.8.-15.10. (8 x)
  • Late season courses 23.10.-17.12.(8 x)
  • Autumn vacation 16.-22.10. No dancing lessons.

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Autumn 2023 registration is via the online store!

Youth dance classes

Hip Hop, K-Pop and Commercial Dance classes can be found on the schedule, There is also a special competition group for teens called Hop House Juniors!

Would you like to start a dancing hobby ?

New beginner courses starts in 21 st of August! The eight-week course makes easy to get to know the dance as a hobby.

The beginners course are suitable for novice dancers. These dancing lessons are for the beginners and do not require previous dancing experience. There you will learn basic principles of a dancing lesson in complete peace and the skills required in the lessons for each dancing style.


  • Early autumn courses each 120 € 21.8.-15.10.(8 x) 120 €
  • Late autumn courses each 120 € 23.10.-17.12. (8 x) 120 €

Level recommendation

The beginner´s course are suitable for novice dancers. These dancing lessons are for the beginners and do not require previous dancing experience.
Intermediate level: For those who have already taken beginner´s course or are already practicing another dancestyle.
Advanced level: You can move to the advanced class after dancing at least a year at an intermediate class.

Timetable, Autumn 2023

17.00 Commercial Dance jatko Tinja
19.00 K-pop Valo
16.00 Hip Hop jatko Tinja
17.00 Hip Hop alkeet Tinja

Class descriptions

K-pop / Korean pop

K-Pop is pop-music from Korea. K-pop includes a vast variety of dance styles ranging from hip hop to energetic commercial dance. In class you will be introduced to different styles of K-Pop through multiple choreographies.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is full of the diamond attitude of street dancing. The specturm of street-styles is wide and still changing and evolving with the latest trends in hip hop culture. Street Dance classes focus on training the basic movements of hip hop and in the development of specific relaxation. In addition to these, classes are practised including dancing at different levels, exploiting variations in dynamics, body control and dancer´s own dancing and own creativity.

Each teacher brings their own style to the dance and emphasizes different things in their lessons and choreographies. You will develop into a more versatile dancer if you attend more classes with teachers. At the beginner´s course you will learn the development of specific basic skills and relaxation. In addition, the course teaches you how to listen the music, as rhythms and variations in dynamics play a particularly important role in street dance.

Commercial Dance

Have you ever dreamed of dancing as a background dancer for artists in large arenas? If you answer yes, then this dance class is for you! Commercial Dance is a commercial dance style as like in music videos! The lessons use techniques from many different dance styles, and focusing on making choreographies. In addition to the performance and the attitude and emotion required in each piece of music. Keywords are bold attitude and commercialism.

Commercial Dance is an urban fusion dance lesson with the keywords is bold attitude and commercialism. The lessons use techniques from many different dance styles, and the style of the choreographies varies from street creability to more feminine, downright diva-like going! the music used in the class is mainly Dance music.

The beginner´s course introduces you to the style through easy exercices. The course trains you to walk and move confidently to the beat of the music and performs various easy but fun choreographies.


Cancellation policy

Registration can be cancelled free of charge within 14 days of registration. Please notify us by email if you cancel you course. Failure to pay the invoice is not sufficient for cancellation.

Compensation for absences

Absences can be compensated be separately arranged compesation lessons called korvaustiivarit, which are held abot once a month. Information and registration for the intensive courses will be published in the spring.

Absences can be compensated up to 2 hours per course. If you attend both early spring and late spring courses you will be compensated for a total of 4 absences.

Sick leave

For every eight times the course, we will reimburse the doctor´s certificate for times that exceed one sick leave, i.e. the client is left on deductible at a time. If you attend both early- and late spring courses, we therefore reimburse atotal of two times in excess of sick leave.

The amount corrensponding to the unused times can be left in your Hip Hop House account and deducted from the next seasons course fee.

Deviating teaching days

Winter vacation: 27.2.-5.3. Mon-Sun, no scheduled lessons.
Easter: 7.-10.4. Fri-Mon, no scheduled lessons.

Youth competition group

Hip Hop House

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