Spring 2022


Spring season 2022

  • Early season courses 7.2.-8.4. (8 x)
  • Late season courses 11.4.-6.6. (8 x)
  • Winter vacation 28.2.-6.3. No dancing lessons.

You can also choose both courses and ensure your place on the course!

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Timetable, spring 2022

Early season course is full
Early and late seasons courses are full
17.15 Dancehall Queen Style jatko Minna Mimz
19.15 Reggaeton jatko Tiia P.
18.00 Reggaeton Absolute Beginners Silja
16.45 Dancehall Queen Style alkeet Minna Mimz
18.45 Dancehall, avoin taso Minna Mimz
19.00 Female Dancehall kehitysryhmä Minna Mimz

Class descriptions


Dancehall has born at the 1970´s–80s´s. It´s jamaican music and dance culture developed from reggae. The word Dancehall originally meant a place where dances are held and according to these the style of music and dance itself was later named. Dancehall is a social dance, where many movements comes from every day things or the conditions of society. For many people it is much more than dance and music- It is also a community and lifestyle.

At Dancehall lessons we train designated dances and movement series (steps, moves) and we practised the movement language characteristic of Dancehall´s masculine style, flow, energy and attitude through movements, series and choreoghaphies.

Dancehall Queen Style

Dancehall Queen Style is the more femine dance style of Jamaican Dancehall, which is a dance style for women in Jamaica in Dancehall dance and culture. This style of dance is seen at the Dancehall Queen-competitions! The emphasis of the movements is on the movements that emphasize feminity and delves into the control of pelvic use, and various techniques named, female moves and different bootyshake-movements. The most important at the female dancehall style is wining up i.e. pelvic rotation and the dancer´s attitude.

At the Queen Style -lessons will be practised wining up and other pelvis use -techniques in addition acrobatic moves (including standing on head), the most famous female moves of Jamaican female dancers as well as the style-specific freestyle. Knee pads are recommended at this lesson. Age limit 16 years.

Latin Commercial

At Latin Commercial lesson combines a commercial dance and hot Hispanic rhythms! It plays as a music todays Latin music and in choreoghaphies combines different dancing styles as reggaeton, heels and salsa. The lessons main focus is on choreography and the goal is to get to enjoy the dance and feel free to indulge in different choreographies ranging from a diva-like sensual to a boisterous bootyshake!

The lesson consist of preheating and after which the techniques needed in the series are review with easy rehearsals and about half an hour is done a dance series.


In Reggaeton music combines Jamaican reggae and dancehall, as well as Hispanic hip hop. In Reggaeton dancers use a lot of middle body and pelvic moves.

Would you like to start a dancing hobby?

If you have no previous dancing experience, the best level for the beginners with ´”zero expertize” is aimed at Absolute Beginners. These dancing lessons are for the beginners and do not require previous dancing experience. Absolute Beginners -lesson is priming lesson, there you will learn basic principles of a dancing lesson in complete peace and the skills required in the lessons for each dancing style.

Drop-in -lessons

Drop-in -dancing lessons you can come anytime when it suits you the best. You don´t need to know what happened at the last lesson.


Caribbean Vibez

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Absolute Beginners -cources

Would you like to start a dancing hobby ? Absolute Beginners -courses suits the best for the totally novices! The Eight-week course it is easy to get the know the dancing style!

Absolute Beginners

Caribbean Vibez -lessons
for the absolute beginners

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