Spring 2022


Spring season 2022

  • Early season courses 7.2.-8.4. (8 x)
  • Late season courses 11.4.-6.6. (8 x)

You can also choose both courses and ensure your place on the course!

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Timetable, spring 2022

Early seasons course is full
Early and late seasons courses are full
17.00 Twerk Absolute Beginners Anniina
18.00 Twerk jatko Anniina
19.45 It`s showtime!-Commercial Dance Shanti
18.45 Twerk Choreo Martta
19.15 Twerk Absolute Beginners Julia
20.00 Twerk alkeet Silja
17.00 Twerk alkeet Martta
18.00 Twerk jatko Martta
19.00 Twerk Acrobatics Martta
19.00 Rock N`Twerk Martta
20.00 Sensual Twerk jatko Martta

Class descriptions


Todays hit dancing style– bootyenergy and attitude!

Twerking has its roots in African American hip hop culture. Twerk became known in the late 1980´s through music videos various hip hop artists as well as the lyrics of the songs. Twerk was originally bodylanguage, where regardless of the position the butt moved to the beat of the music. As a movelanguage Twerk has evolved wildly, and today it is aldready seen as its own dancestyle full of various techniques and choreoghaphies!

In Twerk lessons you get to through yourself and you will be able to develop yourself continuounsly. Twerk-choreoghapies contain a plenty floor contact, so knee pads are definitly worth getting involved with. Welcome to the Twerk lessons! 

Sensual Twerk 

At Dance class practiced tenacious and sensual movement language, not forgetting the pelvic movements! Sensual Twerk -lesson requires that the basic technique of twerk be in possession.

Rock N`Twerk

Friends of Rock! This one’s for you! The Rock N’ Twerk class combines everyone´s favorite twerk as well as rock-music. So in class you can twerk, dance and train to the beat of rock music. It´s an open level class, that is, twerkers of all levels are welcome! Knee pads are definitly worth getting involved with class.

It`s showtime! Commercial Dance

This Commercial Dance course throws you in to the limelight! The course developes your performance and you learn fast-paced choreography.

Twerk choreo

In Twerk choreo class primary stress in learning choreography and dancing it. The major part of the cource also includes rehearsal for a performance. The goal of the course is to shoot more videos with the whole group from the different locations. In the course you will improve your performance for yourself, the camera and the audience. Because of training basics will be less, we recommended that you have the basics of the twerk in mind when you enter the course. Please bring your knee pads to the class.

Would you like to start a dancing hobby?

If you have no previous dancing experience, the best level for the beginners with ´”zero expertize” is aimed at Absolute Beginners. These dancing lessons are for the beginners and do not require previous dancing experience. Absolute Beginners -lesson is priming lesson, there you will learn basic principles of a dancing lesson in complete peace and the skills required in the lessons for each dancing style.

After Absolute Beginners -course you can carry on to the next level for the basics-level.

Drop-in -lessons

Drop-in -dancing lessons you can come anytime when it suits you the best. You don´t need to know what happened at the last lesson.

Join in when ever you want!

Twerk Drop-in

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Absolute Beginners -courses

Would you like to start a dancing hobby? Absolute Beginners -courses are right for beginners by name! The eight-week course makes easy to get to know the dance style!

Absolute Beginners

for absolute beginners

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