The dancing season is about to beginning, come along!

To the Drop-in -dancing classes you can come anytime when it suits you the best. You don´t need to know what happened at the last lesson.

Open level

All drop-in -lessons are open level lessons. You don´t need to have experience of the dancing style, but some dance course before and/or a group exercise base is helpful. For totally novice, who have “zero-experience” from the dancing we recommended  Absolute Beginners –courses.

Book you place to the lesson

15 participants will be admitted to the Drop-in classes per lesson. It is not necessary to book a place, but by booking you will ensure you can fit in.


  • 1 x: 20 €
  • 5 x: 85 €
  • 10 x: 155 €

All drop-in-cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Buy your drop- in -card from the online store!

Timetable, Autumn 2023

18.15 Drop-in Female Dancehall Minna Mimz
19.15 Drop-in Mix, vaihtuva teema Vaihtuva opettaja

Class descriptions

Commercial Dance

Have you ever dreamed of dancing as a background dancer for artists in large arenas? This dance class is for you! Commercial Dance is a c ommercial dance style as like in music videos!

The lessons use techniques from many different dance styles, and focusing on making choreographies. In addition to the performance and the attitude and emotion required in each piece of music.

The best pophits are used as a music in class!

Female Dancehall

Female Dancehall is the more femine dance style of Jamaican Dancehall, which is a dance style for women in Jamaica in Dancehall dance and culture.

The emphasis of the movements is on movements that emphasize femininity and deepend to pelvis use -techniques and various techniques, designated female moves and eo different bootyshake-moves. lessons will be practised wining up and other pelvis use -techniques. Most importantly at femaledancehall is wining up or pelvic rotation.

At Female Dancehall-lessons will be practised in addition to the above, practise the movement language, energy and attitude characteristic of the style.The class practices all of this through choreoghaphies and series. The emphasis on the class is in female moves and steps. There is no acrobatics in the class. Age limit 16 years. Open level

Absolute Beginners -course

Would you like to start a dancing hobby? If you have no previous dancing experience, the best level for the beginners with ´”zero expertize” is aimed at Absolute Beginners. These dancing lessons are for the beginners and do not require previous dancing experience. Absolute Beginners -lesson is priming lesson, there you will learn basic principles of a dancing lesson in complete peace and the skills required in the lessons for each dancing style.

Coming in spring!